What single object controls your energy, metabolism, and sense of well being? Your thyroid. It’s essential to your health because its hormones regulate your body.

The Issue: Thyroid health problems are on the rise, but most Americans don’t know what the thyroid is or how to measure its health. If the experts are right, 15 million of us have a thyroid problem and are unaware of it. That’s 1 in 20 people.

Why? The symptoms of a thyroid problem are often overlooked, even by healthcare professionals. Commonly missed symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, loss of memory, dry skin, hair loss, a sensitivity to cold, and depression. Sound familiar?

How common? If you’re connected to 200 friends online, you likely know 10 people with undiagnosed thyroid problems, living with too much Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (hypothyroidism) or too little Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (hyperthyroidism). Once identified, those conditions can be easily corrected through full diagnosis and treatment by your doctor.

We believe we can eliminate undiagnosed thyroid problems, one person at a time, through the power of education and innovation. We’re going to help thousands of people to get the facts and finally measure their thyroid health!

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